Workshop: Self Publishing – Shaler Library

Workshop: Self Publishing – Shaler Library

Flyer - Workshop Self Publishing


I’ve been invited by the Shaler Library to host a workshop on Self Publishing next Wednesday (April 24). I would love it if you passed this on and told a few friends!

I will have copies of “Amidst Traffic” available for sale at a reduced price of $10.00 (Regularly $12.95).

Hope to see you all there!


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I'm a independent and literary fiction author and Pittsburgh-based photographer

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  1. Reminds me of teaching a canlit course and being pressured by a prof to keep some other prof’s mediocre book on the reading list, to keep it in print. Self-publishing by “any other name” – to a captive audience. Surely worse, b because less transparent and more dishonest.

    Reminds me also of the way Harry Smith set up his highly influential Anthology of American Folk Music – by including ONLY material that SOLD. Margaret Thatcher, to her credit, would have appreicated that (ie., “there is only the market, etc.”).

    I think that’s the real issue, that our work must sooner or later pass muster in the market.

    So what’s the matter with self-publishing? Isn’t it just making the material available, so the market CAN decide?

    Aren’t the tenured profs of my old english department a lot more reprehensible for keeping their old crap on artificial life-support, then pretending it’s “in print”?

    I don’t think you’ve anything to be ashamed of.

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