Workshop: Self Publishing – Removing the Stain and Stigma

Workshop: Self Publishing – Removing the Stain and Stigma

Workshop - Self Publishing

I’ve hosted this workshop (Self Publishing: Removing the Stain and Stigma) around Pittsburgh with a great response every time from those who attended.

Usually when I run this workshop, I put out a lot of information, so I wanted to make the PowerPoint version of this workshop available for download for free.

 Download the workshop presentation on self-publishing for free by CLICKING HERE! 

Feel free to save it and use it for your own peronal reference, but please do not repost this or upload it to other sites. Instead, you can link back to this site so others can find it more easily.

If you’re a library, college, writing workshop or any other public organization, and you’d like me to deliver this presentation to your group, please get in touch with me! 

Everyone has told me how greatly beneficial and what a wealth of information this workshop has been, and I’d be honored to present it in person.

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I'm a independent and literary fiction author and Pittsburgh-based photographer


  1. Sounds like a mental health blog. I suppose it is….

    Never realized you were a front-line mental health-care worker just for writers. God knows, we could use one….

    As ever,

    • I charge extra to give out mental health services 😉

      • End Stigma is one of the (many) slogans of the mental hospital in my neighborhood. They charge for their removal too. They hire former clients (“patients”) as role models to make present ones comfortable and to give them hope. They are called peer support workers. I guess you’re a peer support worker. A lunatic that made it. A role model to inspire the rest of us – that didnt make it.

        I didn’t make it, and I can’t afford you.

        I hope you feel sorry.

        “Stubborn Stain”

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