Win a Kindle Fire HD – Sponsored by Amidst Traffic!

Win a Kindle Fire HD – Sponsored by Amidst Traffic!

Win a Kindle Fire HD - Brought you by Amidst Traffic

I’m personally giving away a  Kindle Fire HD 7 (16 GB)

or an autographed paperback copy of Amidst Traffic to TWO lucky winners!

(Valid to U.S. Residents only)

Details below…

This giveaway is now complete and winners have been announced.


I’m running another giveaway here!



The process is super easy. This promotion is being sponsored by my short story collection, Amidst Traffic, so I’m rewarding everyone who buys a copy of Amidst Traffic with a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD or a signed paperback!

Amidst Traffic is currently JUST 99 CENTS ON KINDLE!

(You must complete all three steps below to be eligible):


AMIDST TRAFFIC - COVER smallSTEP 1) Follow me on Twitter @OneWayStPro

That was easy! Now what?


STEP 2) Download the Kindle version of Amidst Traffic by going here.

Amidst Traffic is ONLY 99 CENTS! And it has more than a dozen five-star reviews! If you’re a fan of short stories or contemporary lit, you’ll LOVE this book, trust me. You could also send it as a gift to a friend to be eligible.

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve purchased the kindle book, share your purchase on Twitter and tag my twitter handle (@OneWayStPro)


STEP 2 – ALTERNATE MODE OF ENTRY) You can still be eligible without buying the book. Your other option is to write a review of Amidst Traffic on any online book retailer. Please share your review on Twitter and tag my twitter handle (@OneWayStPro). You don’t have to write a 4-star or 5-star review, so long as your review is an honest assessment and opinion of the book. No purchase of the book is necessary.


STEP 3) After your purchase, tweet the following message on your account:

I just entered to WIN a Kindle Fire HD & supported an Indie Author! #AmidstTrafficPromo by @OneWayStPro –

Hint: The more times you repeat Step 3, the greater the chances will be that I pick your profile to win! You can re-tweet that message as many times as you want, just as long as you completed Step 1 and 2 beforehand.

I don’t have twitter, can I still enter?

Right now this promo is only for those who have a twitter account because this is a great medium to share and spread the word. If you don’t have a twitter account, sign up for one today! It’s free and super quick. Then start following a few friends to get in on the fun. Trust me, it’s less evil than you think. I used to think it was stupid, too, at one time…

When do I find out if I won?

You have until midnight (EST) on Tuesday, April 30 to enter!

I will pick the two winners at random (one for each prize) and will announce them via my Facebook & Twitter accounts on Wednesday, May 1st.

I will double check to make sure that the winners I selected followed all three of the steps above before announcement. Those who already purchased a Kindle or Paperback version of Amidst Traffic are still eligible! Just share on twitter that you purchased your copy and tag me so I can find you!

Official Rules:

No purchase is necessary as outlined in Step 2) Alternate Mode of Entry. All participants must follow all three steps to be eligible to win. Limited to U.S. residents 18 years or older. Void where prohibited. Total retail value of first prize: $200.00 and second prize: $12.95.

By completing all three steps detailed above you agree to the official rules involved in this giveaway.

Entry participation begins on April 16, 2013 at 07:00 a.m. EST and ends on April 30, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST. All participants must have a registered Twitter account. Winners of first prize (Kindle Fire HD Tablet) and second prize (Autographed copy of Amidst Traffic) will be selected at random by May 1, 2013  and announced before 6:30 p.m. on the same day. Prizes will not be shipped outside of the United States. Winner must show proof of age via email once contacted by Michel Sauret. Winners will be first contacted via Twitter and follow-up arrangments will be handled via email. This contest is sponsored by Michel Sauret located in Pittsburgh, PA. Family members and relatives of contest sponsors are ineligible to win.

About Michel Sauret

I'm a independent and literary fiction author and Pittsburgh-based photographer


  1. Yeah… you can’t legally run a giveaway that requires a purchase (even if it’s $.99) without offering an AMOE. Might want to check it out before you get any negative responses.

  2. hope to win this is great thanks

  3. Actually, it depends on what state you’re in. Like Georgia and KY do not require you to have an alternate entry option.

  4. Congrats on the book! I love this format (interconnected shorts) and look forward to reading!

  5. I just tweeted a few times — I’m @brettbmartin on Twitter. Fingers crossed (i did the purchase too i love to read)

  6. Following on Twitter & tweeted once already (@Abbyland2010) , plan to tweet a few more times tonight. Fingers crossed, this would be awesome to win. I did actually purchase the book because I’ve been looking for a new book to read, the price went up a bit but the book sounds great and I can’t wait to start reading.

  7. Follow you on twitter – @Bless_Eliz

  8. Reviewed on Amazon and shared on twitter

  9. I follow you on twitter @ncjeepster

  10. I tweeted about my review. I have already purchased your book. I don’t have a kindle, but would surely love one. It would be so great to just pull it up on Kindle, instead of keeping up with books. I have a lot of doctor appointments so being able to read books while I’m waiting is a must. Thanks for the chance. Sorry I entered late in the giveaway, but a friend told me they saw it and sent it to me.

  11. I have been tweeting, even though it’s late in the contest. Thanks for your books, I so enjoy them, love your writing style. Sent emails to friends earlier this evening, hope they get the chance to enter.

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