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La Roche College Self-Publishing WorkshopI wanted to extend a BIG THANK YOU to La Roche College for hosting my first workshop on self-publishing and making the forum available to its students last week.

As promised, I wanted to make the power-point presentation I created on self-publishing available for download. You can download it for free by clicking HERE.

The presentation went extremely well, and those who attended told me that they found the information really useful. I’m always looking for more venues and colleges interested in hosting me to present this workshop.

You won’t be disappointed, trust me!


The presentation covers the following points:

1) Why would an award-winning journalist choose to self-publish?

2) The road to success in self-publishing is not a straight line

3) A look at the stats of today’s publishing industry

4) The bad news of self-publishing and the stigma that still exists

5) The costs involved

6) Self-publishing success stories

7) How to produce a professional book

8) How to pitch your book to the media and get news coverage

9) Options available and the process of self-publishing

10) Good strategies to follow for marketing & promotions (including how to get your book reviewed)


If you have questions:

Feel free to download the power-point presentation I created, and if you have any questions about it, you can use the comment box below. I’ll be happy to answer your questions about the workshop and the information provided in the presentation slide.


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  1. Read both the Kirkus article and downloaded the power point presentation. Excellent on both! I have been a storyteller (as an avocation) in schools for more than 40 years and recently started converting the verbal to books. As a life long entrepreneurial businessman and the father of a serious writer I completely understand the marketing efforts necessary for an Indie. We covered costs on the first book of my initial series with a lot of effort!

    You’ve given me some great new ideas; we’re are on Amazon, paper and Kindle, and have used Lightning Source but I think we need to expand to other outlets and get the book reviewed. Thank you! Dave Sage

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