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My name is Michel Sauret, and in 2008 I earned the title of Army Journalist of the Year for work I did in Iraq when deployed with the Army public affairs.

Now I’m an independent author and photographer. I released my second book, “Amidst Traffic,” in 2012, which won the International Book Awards and placed as a finalist in three other nationwide book competitions. My latest novel, “Jump” was released in May 2016.

As a photographer, I document the lives of our military service members, and I’m the owner of One Way Street Production, which specializes in family and wedding photography.

I published my first novel, “Breathing God” at the age of 19. I studied creative writing at the University of Pittsburgh, and I’ve had short stories published in literary journals around the world, including the U.S., Great Britain and Australia.

I’ve served as a public affairs specialist and journalist for the U.S. Army since 2004. My work has won several Scoop Brumfield, Keith L. Ware and Thomas Jefferson awards. My military writing and photography has been published by dozens of websites, newspapers and magazines, to include the National Geographic, USA Today and the Army Times. My short story, “Lost in the Night” appeared in the anthology, “Best New Writing, 2008″ and my story, “Three Straws” earned honorable mention in the Monty Culver Award in 2010.


Writing & Creative Achievements


“Jump” — Novel (Christian / Literary)


“The Computer that Saved the Soldier’s Back” — First Place, Keith L. Ware Award (Feature)
“The Computer that Saved the Soldier’s Back” — First Place, Thomas Jefferson Award (Feature)
“I Hear You Calling” — First Place, Keith L. Ware Award (Photojournalism)
“I Hear You Calling” — First Place, Thomas Jefferson Award (Photojournalism)
“Why I serve” —First Place, Keith L. Ware Award (Commentary)
“Miles for Lives” — First Place, Brumfield Award (News Video)
“More than Just Blast Masters” — Honorable Mention, Brumfield Award (Feature Video)
“Framing Conflict” — Editor’s Spotlight, National Geographic (Photography)
“Operating the Night”  — Honorable Mention, Military Photography of the Year (Picture Story)
“Burning the Night”  — Honorable Mention, Military Photography of the Year (Portrait)
“Koalafying”  — Third Place, Military Photography of the Year (Feature)
Photography Portfolio   — Top Five, Military Photography of the Year (Portfolio)


“Sapper Stakes” — Honorable Mention, Keith L. Ware Award (News Photo)
“Soldier Field” — Honorable Mention, Keith L. Ware Award (Feature Photo)


“Amidst Traffic” — Winner, 2013 International Book Awards
“Amidst Traffic” — Finalist, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
“Amidst Traffic” — Finalist, 2013 Indie Excellence Book Awards
“Amidst Traffic” — Finalist, 2013 USA Book News Awards


“Afghan Work” — First Place, Brumfield Award (Human Interest Article)
“Amidst Traffic”
 — Short Story Collection (Literary Fiction)


“Three Straws” — Honorable Mention, Monty Culver Award (Short Story)
“Role Players” — Third Place, Brumfield Award (Feature Article)
“Role Players” — Third Place, Keith L. Ware Award (Feature Article)
“Freedom Ride” — Honorable Mention, Brumfield Award (News Article)


Internship with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (News reporting & Photography)
Keith L. Ware Journalist of the Year Award (Army-wide Journalism)
Brumfield Military Journalist of the Year Award (Journalism)
“Black Coats (at the Cheyenne Diner)” — Daikaijuzine (Short Story)
“Amidst Traffic” — Ampersand Review [Vol. 3] (Short Story)
“Brick Wall Giants” & “Son of Man” — Sybil’s Garage (Poetry)
“The Tin Can Mind” — Brand Literary Magazine (Short Story)


“The General’s Backup Seat” — The Whitefish Review (Nonfiction)
“The Weapon was on Safe” — Collision (Nonfiction)
“Midnight” — Wet Ink (Short Story)
“Lost in the Night” — Eric Hoffer Award Finalist (Short Story)
“Lost in the Night” — Best New Writing 2008
Assignment Editor & Photojournalist — The Mountain View (Army)
Copy Editor — The Dog Faced Daily (Army)


Submissions Editor — The Writers Post Journal (Literature Mag)
Freelance writing — G.I. Jobs Magazine
“Child, Hold Me” — Lulu (Memoir)
“The Tin Can Mind” — Lulu (Poetry)


Worked as a ghostwriter for Dr. Dan Pompa on “Generation Toxic”
Silver Pen Award — Military Police Magazine
Staff Writer — The Checkmate (Army)


“Breathing God” — Publish America (Novel)
“The Duct Tape People” — The Writers Post Journal (Short Story)
“The Problem with my Shoes” — Peridot (Short Story)
“The Follower” — Balance Anthology (Short Story)


“Out of a Dream” — Cafe Irreal [issue 11] (Short Story)


  1. Michel, Thanks for all the great writing you contribute to the world.

    ps. Are you aware your book trailer is private? won’t do you much good that way.



  2. Having written a collection of short stories revolving about the Holocaust, I began to experience what I call Holocaust Aversion. I came across Kirkus and actually signed up for that fee of $545 or so. And then I came across your article, “Kirkus Reviews: Is it worth the money?” Within an hour I withdrew my funds. You, sir, saved me money and I am expressing my gratitude. Your article led me to other avenues which have proven reliable. Ironically, and by mistake, Kirkus had a review written about the book. When I read the review I was glad I had withdrawn, it was one of those skanky- snarky academic pieces. I was saved twice over. You did a mitzvah and for that you should be commended. Use this note if you wish.

    • Matt! I’m so happy to hear this! This has been my most popular article and for good reason. More authors have read this piece than anything else I’ve posted. I’m so glad I saved you the money and disappointment!

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