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One of the greatest joys a young or aspiring author can experience is getting published by an independent literary magazine.

A few years ago, the Whitefish Review published one of my essays from Iraq. I was extremely proud to be published by them as it turned out that the rest of the the literary writings in the journal were top notch.

As a small thank you to them and as a show of support to all independent journals, I’m going to GIVEAWAY A FREE one year subscription to the Whitefish Review and GIFT it to one of my Facebook Fans!

Here is how you enter to win a FREE one-year subscription of the Whitefish Review:

1) Become a fan of Amidst Traffic on Facebook by hitting the LIKE button.

2) Follow OneWayStPro (which is our publishing name) on Twitter.

3) Share this post on your Facebook wall or Twitter.

4) Leave a comment on our Facebook Page after you’ve shared this link to let us know, and you will be entered to win!

Winners will be announced on the day after Christmas!

About Michel Sauret

I'm a independent and literary fiction author and Pittsburgh-based photographer

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