Request a FREE copy of JUMP!

Request a FREE copy of JUMP!

JUMP - Mock Cover 4I am giving away 10, exclusive, pre-release paperback copies of Jump for FREE to any blogger/reviewer interested in writing an open and honest review.

We have to limit our offer to those who intend on writing a thoughtful review of the book and post it on Amazon, GoodReads and on their blog.

You DON’T have to commit to a positive or 5-star review. Just your honest and thoughtful opinion!

(You can find the book’s synopsis here)

When you contact me to request a copy of the book, please include a link to your blog and a general number of your readership audience. I am giving away this book for FREE in order to promote it to the largest group of people possible.

To request your copy of the book,  please email Michel Sauret (me) here. Please make sure to include your website or blog’s link and how you intend to help promote the book.

Please select “Yes” to subscribing to the newsletter, and I’d love for you to become a fan on Facebook. I’ll be using the newsletter to announce promotions, freebies and other news!

I will be happy to sign and personalize your book!

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I'm a independent and literary fiction author and Pittsburgh-based photographer

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