PRESS RELEASE: Latest Sauret novel to release May 16, 2016


PRESS RELEASE: Award-winning Indie author to release novel tackling faith in contemporary Christianity

BALTIMORE —  Award winning indie author (2013 International Book Awards – Short Stories), Michel Sauret, takes on Christianity and faith in today’s post-modern landscape in his pressing and compassionate novel, Jump, due for release May 16.

Jump confronts the challenges Christians face today growing up in the church, desperate for God’s love and direction, yet seduced by all the world has to offer. From multi-denominational challenges, over-sensationalized Christianity, the allure of secular academia, the conflicts of sexual desire and the search for personal identity, Jump follows a youth named Christopher, who has tried his hardest to please God ever since being a little boy.

Christopher took his first leap of faith at the age of five. He jumped off the tree in his backyard, right into his father’s arms. It was only the first branch up, but his father ruffled his hair, held him tight and said he had the faith of a boy twice his age. Each year on his birthday, Christopher takes another jump. Each time, a little higher up that tree. Land safely, and he might earn God’s pleasure. But one year, Christopher breaks his leg, and suddenly it’s his little sister who seems to please their parents best. Distance grows between him and his father, especially as a sexual addiction takes root in his heart, launching him into a dangerous free-fall. Desperate for escape, Christopher looks to college, thinking he might find God on his own terms. Yet as he becomes entrenched in the secular haven of higher education, he discovers the “Cathedral of Learning” is no more of a savior than a tree. He flees once more, hitchhiking with an atheist set on his own spiritual journey. But as they end up in Selma, Alabama, Christopher and his new friend land in a church that won’t let them get away.

Michel Sauret is the author of Amidst Traffic, winner of the 2013 International Book Awards and finalist in the USA Book Awards, Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards. He was awarded the Army Journalist of the Year title in 2008 for his writing while deployed to Iraq. He was born in Rome, Italy, but grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English Writing. He is an Army journalist and public affairs professional with more than 13 years of military service.

Sauret is currently looking for reviewers across academic and publishing industries willing to read and review Jump during the book’s pre-release months. Jump has a scheduled release date of May 16, 2016.

For more information, to schedule an interview or request a copy of the book for review, please contact:



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Here is what book reviewers are saying about “Amidst Traffic”


“‘Amidst Traffic’ is a strong addition to any contemporary short fiction collection, enthusiastically recommended.” -Midwest Book Review

“Michel Sauret’s aim is to create stories that grab readers and pull them into the high intensity and emotional curves of the storyline. With Amidst Traffic, his collection of darkly humorous and brilliantly evocative short stories, he’s hit an absolute bull’s-eye.”
-Kindle Nation Daily

Selected for Editor’s Choice Highlighted Title.
-Independent Publisher

“This collection of short fiction … (is) suspenseful and emotional, crafted with compassion and seeking answers to the conflicts of daily life.”
-Publishers Weekly Select

“Yes, this is a 5 star book… Michel Sauret is a creative author, there’s no denying it, and this book shows that creativity in abundance.”
-Christian Fiction Book Reviews

“Brilliantly crafted … A unique collection of engaging symbolic poetic prose that challenges the reader to reflect on the potential impact of one life on another.”
-Blog Critics 

“Sauret has created characters that elicit empathy, concern and hope in the midst of their anguish, and grief. These compelling stories will challenge you emotionally in a way that opens your heart…”

Writer Michel Sauret is also a photographer, and the ability to capture brief yet rich instances applies to his fiction.”
-Pittsburgh City Paper

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