Featured by IN Community Magazine

Featured by IN Community Magazine

Recently, I had the pleasure of having “Amidst Traffic” featured in the Summer 2013 issue of IN Community Magazine (North Allegheny Edition).

You can read it below or click on the above link for a better viewing experience.

North Allegheny SU13-WEB

I’m thankful that this article allowed me to discuss the topic of God’s providence and my faith-influence in the work, which has sometimes gotten pushed aside as a minor part of the book in previous feature articles.

Additionally, what I’ve noticed in myself is that I grow to understand my own work better with each interview I do on the topic of my book. It wasn’t until this particular interview that I discovered something essential about “Amidst Traffic” … Sometimess things happen in our lives and we’re not even the primary objects of our events. Just like life, there are events that happen to the characters inside “Amidst Traffic” that seem isolated, but those events reveal a greater impact in a later story.

I think our lives and our struggles are meant to humble us. We are meant to look beyond our own selfishness or even our own personal needs in life. We should be provoked to consider others in every situation we face, even when we feel like we are the victim (or target).

Sometimes, what appears to be chaos is really a manifestation of a plan greater than our understanding can comprehend.


What about you?

Feel free to share your own experience with being featured by a news publication. What was your experience like? Have you discovered something new about your work as a result?

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